Berth Red

Berth Red

41 years old| Siam@Siam Hotel,Phatumwan,Bangkok,Thailand 10400, Thailand

Musical influences

I started my music influences from my parents as both musicians and playing together in show band.Both of them giving me a basic in singing and playing instruments at the beginning of my journey at early ages of 15. I took a great effort of practicing,researching,and devoted my time to reach out my dreams.As time to time from now working in some Hotel in Bangkok,Thailand for almost 23 years.Hope to see all on this journey!


Singing,Playing Guitar,Piano,Flute,Drums,Bass.

Interests and Hobbies

Reading Books,Painting,Singing,Playing Instruments

Goals in Life

I wanna reach my dreams as one of the recognized Global Artist.If I earn lots of money from my career then i would love to donate some for charity and helping and supporting other peoples the best i can. I wanna build some schools of music,fitness gym,School Educational program that helps our young generation to expand their knowledge,Learn more and keep them away from drugs and alcohol .Keep them more inspired and improved their inner gift from heaven above that all they need is some place to start. *If Everything is bound to will come...


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