Know More About Pwiker Worldstar


Confuse what Pwiker Worldstar  is really up to?Pwiker Worldstar is an all in one website where in you can share your  videos, upload your photos, connect with your friends, families and any person that interest you and much more a website wherein you can join a talent competition, a site that will help you lead your way to success as an artist.This talent competition is open to those who believed in their-selves that they have this talent inside that they need to show off in crowd. All you … [Read more...]

Be A Shining Pwiker Star


Pwiker Worldstar already revealed the Top Pwiker stars as of March 2013 and we are still counting for April,May June, July and so forth,ranking is still partial so you still have a chance to upload your videos, or vote for your favorite contestant. The winner for this year's Pwiker Worldstar will be  based on the total of views, votes and likes minus dislikes. There is no criteria for judging for this year's season because the fans and viewers will decide the winners. Just upload your video … [Read more...]

Making Your Way To Success


We all have goals in life. We also needs "Motivation". What are yours?buy a new house?make more money?Be a famous artist?On these questions you might come to think as to how can you get all of these?How would you start.Setting up your goals would make it easier for you.Goals are your commitment to achieve it.Without that commitment, trying to reach your  goals is like grabbing a jelly, you think your holding it now but there's really nothing to hang on to because the foundation is weak and it … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Inborn Talents


Others called it "Hidden talent", for you to discover it you need to explore but sometimes people are not always so good at identifying what they are capable of doing.In Fact,our great talents might be right in front of us but we tend to miss them because we are so busy searching for a talent we think is hot,impossible, unique or fun, or more or like how we imagine our life being, without knowing you might have forgotten the actual tremendous potential we have sitting there waiting to be … [Read more...]

We’ve Got Everything Covered!


Want to view something more foreign and local artists?Want to check out the latest sound tracts, games & sports?Pwiker Worldstar is not only for talent competition but an all in one website where in videos are being categorized. We have the Contestant Talent Videos and Non-Contestant Videos. What are those Non-Contestant Videos? Animation,Cartoons,For Children & Family Arts & Science Comedy, Lol :) Drama, … [Read more...]

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