What A Winner Has

We all want to be winners, we all want to succeed of whatever things we would want to do, but being a winner is a very huge word, it comes along with a word of  victory.So how do we become a winner? what it takes to be winner ? A winner is someone who give his 100% effort and preparation on the things he/she wants to succeed.He sets high goals,disciplined and has strong motivation. A winner is someone who go beyond their dreams without holding back,they always do have a positive mind that … [Read more...]

Pwiker Contestant’s Notification

Congratulations! Your Video will be included in the top 20 Stars' Talent best performance if your video remains in the top 20 by the 1st week of November. Please take note of the following reminder schedule: Monday, November 4, 2013. The top 20 Finalist will each submit their new performance video. (Cut off time: 11:59 p.m. US standard pacific time). If you fail to submit your new video performance, you will be automatically eliminated from the contest. Sunday, November 10, 2013 @ … [Read more...]

Tell Us What’s on your Mind

We know you have a strong opinion, an extraordinary one and we want to hear it from you. We know that you would want to share what's on your mind, tell others what you were doing and check your friend's latest updates.How excited they are for the up coming events/getaways. When was the last time they smiled and cried. What's going on in their lives. Just create an account now, tell us what's on your mind and we would be so happy to know you. Keep on uploading your videos guys and let's … [Read more...]

Effective Tips in joining a Singing Competition

Talent shows is a great stepping stone in having a career in a show-business. Nowadays,most of the contestants who joined a talent competition involves "SINGING", it is probably the most popular talent a contestants has.It causes a very attractive sensation on televisions,even in school programs,parties and some important events. When you sing you have those familiar feelings of stage-fright or performance anxiety, most of all butterflies in your stomach when you are singing in-front of someone … [Read more...]

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