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Pwiker Worldstar already revealed the Top Pwiker stars as of March 2013 and we are still counting for April,May June, July and so forth,ranking is still partial so you still have a chance to upload your videos, or vote for your favorite contestant. The winner for this year’s Pwiker Worldstar will beĀ  based on the total of views, votes and likes minus dislikes. There is no criteria for judging for this year’s season because the fans and viewers will decide the winners. Just upload your video with you as a shining star performer, vote for you own video 20 times daily,ask your friends,families and colleagues to visit the site,create an account,view, liked, and vote for your stunning performance. If you got all of these you are closer enough to be the first Shining Pwiker Star of the year.

Know more about our Contestant Tips, for this will lead you on your gate to stardom!




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