Eva Mendes: Love scene changed my Habit

Eva Mendes was persuaded to give up her dreams of becoming a nun when she watched a love scene.

The actress might be entertaining fans with her films these days, but when she was younger she was sure she wanted to live a life of celibacy.

However, this all changed when she watched actress Romy Schneider in French film La Piscine, which translates into The Swimming Pool.

“I’ll never forget the first time I watched La Piscine as a young girl. The scene in which Alain Delon strokes Romy’s back with a twig – that was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. I wanted something like that to happen to me, too,” she smiled to German channel Tele 5, adding it messed with her career plans.

“I don’t know why, but between my fifth and tenth birthdays I decided I wanted to be a nun. I grew up in a very poor family, and when I was ten I told my mother, ‘When I’m grown up, I’m buying you a house.’ My older sister said, ‘Evi, that’s not going to work. Nuns don’t make money!’”

That’s when Eva realised she had to give up on the dream. However, her passion for acting was something she only discovered later on.

Luckily the 40-year-old should now have more than enough money to help her loved ones, thanks to the success of her films such as The Place Beyond the Pines and The Women.

She’s also managed to bag her own Alain in the form of Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling. It’s currently believed the couple are expecting their first child.

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