How To Run A Winning Online Contest

How to run a winning online contest?
Running an online contest involves a lot of planning and determination.
Some of the key factors to run a winning online contest are to be creative and to have a unique idea of the competition. The framework has to be built on creativity and uniqueness but the most important ingredient is that contestant can join the contest for free. Most if not all of aspiring online contestants are young people trying to make a name for themselves, hoping they can become known and have a career from their dream. Their investment is their talent, perseverance and dream. Having an online contest that requires registration or payment would not be popular.

There are contestants and then there are fans, producers, observers, guests and other interested parties. There should be a features where people  who are not interested in joining the online contest can still be involve in the contest as a fan, observer and guests and others of the site. The website has to have the tools to keep them proactive. How?The vote, like, dislike and comment features. The online contest should have the ability to have every users to vote, to like, to dislike and to comment on their favorite videos and contestants. These features are so important because it should be the means to determine the winner of the contest. The contestant and video who has the total combination of votes, likes and views is the winner.

As for the rest of the users, visitors and guests, there should be something for them besides the contest and being part of it. The online contest site have to cater for them as well.  If these users want to watch and upload videos, share photos and to socialize. These completes all of the features the contestants, fans, registered users, guests and the rest to keep them interested and occupied. Because of these features, the phase “All in One Website” was coined. There is one website the features and offers all of these.

PWIKER.COM was introduced. A combination of youtube, Facebook and american idol put together in one website. The website have a free online contest, users can upload any videos they want to share to the public and they can also socialize with families, friends and everyone you desires. But there is more to having a winning online contest. You have to offer to the contestant the ability to be big in the entertainment industry whether it be in their geography or to the whole world. PWIKER.COM is tailored as a worldwide online talent competition where the contestant can be discovered worldwide or at the least to their geographic location. It also offers motivation to the contestant to develop and strive to be the best because there is reward at the end which is the prize money. One day you can be just a raw talent but at the end you can be a star earning money doing the things you love to do. PWIKER is a talent’s springboard to success. Where a great talent in a closer can be discovered.
I will also consider myself to have an advance awareness and plan ahead like creating Rules and schedule so the contestant can plan in advance.
I believe creativity  can’t be taught as long you believe in yourself and you know what you are doing. In my own experience to run a winning online contest it is also a talent that you need to develop and nurture.

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