It’s Update Time!

Hey Guys!

It’s been a long time since I posted something here in Pwiker Worldstar.  Now I’m back to introduce the latest added feature of Pwiker that we can take advantage of.

Recently we’ve made several enhancements that would make it easier for you to view more videos without clicking them one by one, this is the  “PLAYLIST” feature where in you can put a series of videos all in one place.  You could create a playlist of all of your favorite music videos  then watch them together. You can also filter or sort out the videos you would like to watch.

How to create your own playlist?

Just click the Add to link underneath the video to add it to a playlist. You can add it to a playlist that already exists, or create a new one.

As you’ve noticed there’s a lot of changes that has been made in order for your virtual experience be the most awesome one. The website’s design is a lot more user friendly and attracts more viewers to sign in and join the online talent competition. You can now see the real time user update of your friends without reloading the page. The user notifications can also be seen on the upper right side of your screen, you will be able to see as to who is your new star friend request, who sends you a message, and your user settings if you would want to change anything from your account settings and privacy setting.

There’s a lot more to explore and a lot more to enjoy! keep posted guys!



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