Kelly & Justin Dated!?

It appears the magic of “From Justin to Kelly” was legit!

Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini in 2002 (Getty)

On Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Kelly Clarkson admitted to dating fellow “American Idol” alum and former co-star Justin Guarini.

“We didn’t date during ‘Idol,’ which everybody thought we were dating,” the singer told Andy Cohen.

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“I feel like we weren’t dating during the movie. But I feel like maybe we did. We did date a little bit,” Kelly continued.

Kelly explained that their crazy pre- and post-”Idol” lives led to their brief romance.

“I think any two people who are thrown together that much [would eventually date]. ‘Timeless,’ you put that song on from ‘From Justin to Kelly’ – you can’t fight it!” she explained.

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During the show’s “Plead The Fifth” segment, Andy also asked Kelly, “Would you still liken Miley Cyrus’ singing to a ‘pitchy stripper,’” referring to a past Tweet from Kelly.

“I never said Miley Cyrus! The fact that I Tweeted ‘pitchy stripper’ and people thought Miley Cyrus is not my problem. I’m just saying!” Kelly was quick to say. “I never said Miley Cyrus! Everybody else said Miley Cyrus when I did that. That’s not my fault!”

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