Make It Happen Again

Everything is possible!That’s what you always think when you were still a kid. You put the blanket at your back then you become a “SUPERMAN”. You sang your favorite song, act like a real artist  in front of your playmates as if you are joining a contest though some of your lyrics aren’t correct then you become the best “SINGER”. You took a broom and ride on it then you become a “WITCH”. You climb up the tree without thinking that you might fell but you simply made it. You had an idea and you made it all happen because you believe. You were then so creative with strong belief.But then when you become an adult things seems to become a little different.You easily get disappointed, when you failed on one of your exams you think “I CAN NEVER MAKE IT!”. When you would like to apply for your dream job you think “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE”. When you already have all the ideas and courage and all you need to do is to put it in actions you said “I AM NOT SURE!”. You are still creative but with lots of doubt. One day your best friend got his dream job and was really happy to inform you that he totally made it.Then you start to ask yourself what made you and him a difference?He puts his strong belief and courage into action and all of them helped him got his dream job.

If you want to be successful, find out what God wants you to do with your life and then dedicate yourself to achieve it. Live every seconds as if it was your last. Think of what you are when you were still a kid. It’s never too late you just need courage and idea to make it happen. Things aren’t impossible when you believe.

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