Top Pwiker Stars


Top Pwiker Stars on their way to Stardom! Pwiker Worldstar revealed the top stars as of March 2013. I Believe - Uploaded by Ashley Jimenez (Nurselee).Ashley joined a choir competition way back in highschool and won because of that he started his journey on singing in the crowd. Rolling In The Deep -  Uploaded by Amel Francis(Amel).Her passion for singing didn't stop as days passed by instead singing made her a happier person. And I am Telling You I'm not Going - Uploaded by Poldix … [Read more...]

Pwiker is launching


Prepare for the launching of PWIKER, your Dreamgate to Stardom! Join the most exciting online competition ever created. At the comfort of your home, upload your performance, compete against the best in the world and win your way to becoming the star that you are. The more votes and views your performance get, the closer you are to be a star and a recording artist. Not ready for stardom yet, view the future stars' performance and share with your friends and families. Don't forget … [Read more...]

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