‘The Royals’ On The Royals

Will Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry be tuning in to “The Royals”?

William Moseley and Alexandra Park on Access Hollywood Live on March 6, 2015 (Access Hollywood)

William Moseley and Alexandra Park, stars of the new E! scripted series, visited Access Hollywood Live on Friday, where they chatted about the real-life British monarchy.

“We haven’t heard anything from them. I don’t know if we will,” William, who plays Prince Liam, told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

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The actor is hoping the Royals’ past TV viewing habits will get them to check out their racy show.

“I know they were big fans of our creator’s first show ‘One Tree Hill,’ which was a popular show and I hope they all watch it. They’ll probably be a little bit quiet about it,” William continued.

Alexandra stressed that their show, which also stars Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Collins, is not based on the actual Royals.

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“It’s a made up fictional Royal Family. We’re not imitating the actual Royals by any means. We have to make that very clear,” the actress, who plays Princess Eleanor, said.

For Alexandra, who is from Australia, the famous family is a new thing for her – minus her keen awareness of Prince Harry.

“I haven’t really followed them much,” she told Billy and Kit, but when asked about Prince Harry, added, “I mean, he’s obviously a sexy guy!”

WATCH: Elizabeth Hurley & Alexandra Park Explain E!‘s ‘The Royals’

“The Royals” debuts on Monday, March 15th, at 10:00 PM on E! with an extended 75 minute episode.

– Jesse Spero

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