Vote Wisely

Pwiker Worldstar is set up to give people of all ages this unique opportunity to those who have a unique talent to show off the crowd. This competition is open forĀ  all dancers, singers, actors, comedians, musicians or any other skills or talent that you think the world ought to know about you. We welcomes you to the wondrous world of fame and fortune, glamor and recognition because you are destined to become a “STAR”.

We made it our goal to provide you a competition that is fair, organized, and user friendly. Everyone can upload an unlimited number of videos daily and vote 20 times a day on their favorite videos. You can help your friends, families, colleagues or even yourself using your votes because people loves entertainment, we love talent, you want fortune. Let’s make it all the way to the top and we’ll start to create our first “PWIKER STAR”. Create your own account now and start uploading your stunning videos like some of our videos and VOTE WISELY!


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