Video: Out Of Reach By:Gabrielle

Out Of Reach By:Gabrielle - Hi Guys,IDont Think You'll Like IT,But Try To Listen First^_ ^ Thank You

Out Of Reach By:Gabrielle

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Uploaded on November 03, 2013 Category: Singing
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Hi Guys,IDont Think You'll Like IT,But Try To Listen First^_ ^ Thank You

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  • Ricoy Jadol(riCoY) Ricoy Jadol Philippines • 8 years ago Helow.,
    How are you.?
    Please make a Biography on Pwiker

    Here is the step on how to make Biography.,
    1. Open
    2. Sign in / create an account
    3. Click seetings icon and click biography settings
    4. Fill-up the blank information
    5. After fill-up click update.,

    Thank you.,Godbless
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  • rg yangz(yangcojr) rg yangz Philippines • 8 years ago hello please create your own star bio : thank you Reply (0) 1 0
  • Cai Caabay(Shine) Cai Caabay United States • 8 years ago You can still join for February contest...
    Don't forget to upload your performance video
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  • irene caballero(Marioene22) irene caballero Philippines • 9 years ago good voice,improve your video^_^ Reply (0) 0 0
  • mackoy gonzales jr.(Mr.Independent) mackoy gonzales jr. Philippines • 9 years ago im sori 4 the background,on the spot kasi,if i can make to the next elimination,i will improve ot,,tnx 4 the comment Reply (0) 0 0
  • Abril video(videoabril) Abril video Pitcairn Islands • 9 years ago bad background..
    you have a nice voice...
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  • Coi Caabay(Pwikerstone) Coi Caabay United States • 9 years ago The good voice is hidden somewhere in the noisy background. If you make it to the next, please improve on the quality of the video. I know you can do better. Reply (0) 0 0